Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blog #1

I remember being in my Language Arts classes through elementary and middle school and absolutely hating it. I hated how confused I was by commas, clauses, run-on sentences, and how there were so many dang rules on writing correctly. But by the time I reached high school English had somehow become my favorite subject. Although it still is by far my favorite subject I feel like I have things I can still work on to make myself a better writer.

One grammatical issue I need to focus on this semester is my use of commas. For the most part I know when and where a comma is needed, but there are times when I kind of just throw them into my writing because I think it should be there. I don’t want to have to guess if I need a comma in a sentence or not, I want to automatically know that either it does or does not belong in it.

One example of when I just guess on when to put a comma is in a sentence where I am listing things and I am not sure if I should put a comma before the ‘and’… “I’ve always wanted to travel to France, Spain, Italy and Greece.” I just want to know when a comma is needed.

Another grammatical issue I would like to focus on this semester is the use of colons, semi-colons, dashes, and ellipsis’. My writing is based a lot on how I am saying it in my head, so when I pause my thoughts in my head I always want to use an ellipsis to continue whatever thoughts come next. Or with colons and semi-colons, I usually just stay away from them all together in my writing because I am not that comfortable with them and would like to be so then I can use them when appropriate in my writing.

For example, “High school was four years of fun, easy, exciting times…and then came college.” I don’t actually know when ellipsis’ are appropriate to use, yet I like to use them in my writing a lot…which is probably not the best thing to do because I am probably using them totally incorrectly.

For colons, semi-colons, and dashes I just need to start using them more often in my writing so I become familiar with them. I honestly rarely ever use them because I just don’t like them, probably because I never really learned when to use them and when not to. So I have no examples to show for those…

Overall, from this class I hope to learn exactly when it is appropriate to use colons, semi-colons, dashes, and ellipsis’, and when it is not. I hope to gain more knowledge on writing techniques so that when I do become a teacher I can teach the techniques to my students in a way that is easy for them to understand so then they can enjoy English and writing and not despise it like most people.

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  1. solid blog, Alyssa. Not only do you show what you mean, you also explain your reasoning well. Yes, you just have to start taking some chances and TRY to use these marks, at least in your blog assignments. And by semester's end, you should have more confidence and should be able to know exactly why for most if not all of your punctuation choices.

    Did you forget your Pattern-of-the-Week?

    p.s. Can you change your font style and color to something more readable? (I'm not sure myself. Hope so.)